Indeed the dirt could sometimes degrade the quality of the picture you take with your smartphone b’coz you generally keep your phones in your pocket which leads to the accumulation of dirt on the lens.So the very fast thing you must do before snapping a picture is clean the lens so which allows the light to pass freely through lens and you get a much brighter and sharper image.

Light plays a important role in photography.So It is very important to shoot in perfect light.I prefer to shoot in Golden Hours just after the Dusk or in Dawn when the sun is just about to rise.Another time when you can get your desirable shot is overcast day when the rays come out from dampens cloud or right after the little rain too shots do come out really good.

So in case you are shooting a subject having a very bad background or something which degraddes the quality of image then try to go as close as you can to your subject and let it be the attraction of frame(This is only for nature photography.Always maintain a safe distance to wildlife if you are photographing them).And just backup an enough distance to get the height into frame.

Sometimes you missout on the memorable shot you want to take or you don’t get a desirable result while you try to shoot a moving object.The best way to capture those moments is Take Burst Shot(Keep your finger on shutter button for a longer duration and camera shoots mutiple images).Once you have multiple images you can choose the best out of those images and later you can delete the rest of the images.

Try to shoot from the level of the subject to make it look more realistic and eye catching or you can go down little bit from the level of subject to get some good shots.

My personal favourite is shooting macro by going as close as you can to subject and then focusing only on subject and blurring the rest of the backgroud. It produces that dslr kindda bokeh effect which makes the end result image very catchy.

During low light photography when you play with maunal mode of the camera and change the ISO and Shutter speed to low to get some mesmirizing shots,the images come out to be blurry as the shutter remains open for a longer period of time and during that time the camera should be stable.My suggestion would be use a tripod bcoz your hand cannot be as stable as the ground under your feet.

And at last for the final touch do use some free photo editing app such as SNAPSEED to enhance the pictury quality of the images and make it more eye catching and mesmirzing.

I hope this blog turned out to be helpful.If Yes,then definitely leave your feedback.

And in case If you still have some doubt about the Nature Photography with smartphone,click on the link below.