So all the shots that you are seeing currently on my website are being clicked and edited on the phone only.So currently the phone which I am using is Moto G5 Plus and a gorilla tripod(you can buy it online).The phone is one year old now so I will better opt now for a professional camera.So if you are beginner I will suggest you to go with Canon 300d. It is best for still images.And apart for that if you want to shoot underwater shots and hyperlapse, Timelapse you can go with Action cameras.I will provide the best buy link for both the camera and action camera.

And for camera the app that i primarily use is Stock camera and the editing app that i use is google owns app snapseed. And let’s say if i am on the go I use inbuilt edit option of “Photos” App.So yes it is not must to have an high end editing software to those beautiful shots