Peace and calm at the seashore,
The Brightness of the Moon on A full moon day,
The Twinkling of stars in the endless space,
Sometimes cruel sometimes good behaviour of Mother nature,

This is what my perspective is when I see the nature.The thing that wonders me a lot is even in such a harsh condition of jungle how peacefully and calmly animals live in it.Yes I know everyday they have to fight for there existence but even after that they enjoy there life. One of the best things about wild life photography is you get to see the love affection among the family,the competition between rivals,everyday struggling of creatures for your existence. These things do show that live is not an easy here as well.

But then again even after so many struggles life is so amazing here.These do have same affection and strong bond that we humans have even better than that.The affection and love that we get from our mother they also get it in the same way.All and all for me It is a mixed bag.Like every coin has its two sides,Nature has too.It is sometime cruel sometimes affectionating but for sure she teaches us a lot.